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VIP Parking:

Get the best parking spot in the venue without having to leave the house! Our VIP Parking Lot is located right next to Will Call, Tag's Restaurant, and the Front Gate which means you won't have far to go no matter where you need to be.

Early Entry:

On select shows Tag's Summer Stage will be offering early entry! Get inside the venue 30 minutes early and beat the crowd to get that up close and personal space to watch the show!

Express Lane:

Want to show up on your schedule and avoid the long lines at the gate? Express entry gets you front-of-the-line access for select shows!

Guitar Raffles:

Tag's knows that the true die hard fan would love nothing more than to have a signed guitar from their favorite artist performing on the Summer Stage. Previously only available for purchase the day of the concert, Tag's is now offering you the chance to purchase your raffle ticket the same time you buy your concert ticket! Available only on select shows and with artist approval.